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Priya Bapat has been a part of many televisions soap in the earlier part of her career. A simple girl from a middle-class Maharashtrian family, most of the characters she has played so far have been girl next door roles. With roles in Bandini, Damini, De Dhamaal, Abhar Maya and Shubham Karoti, she became a regular on the television screen.She Played the second lead in Adhuri Ek Kahani. She plays the lead character of Kimaya in the popular Marathi serial ‘Shubham Karoti’, which is a story of the ‘Mahajan’ family. A simple, contented joint family which consists of three generations, an interesting blend of characters right from an old grandfather who is 75 years old and up to his grandson who is 10 years old. The story’s focus is on the bonding and togetherness amongst these family members. Like every other normal family, the members of Mahajan family too have their own likes, dislikes, happy moments, sad moments, positive and negative traits. All in all, nobody amongst is perfect but they still live together in harmony under one roof. Kimaya is a loving, caring, positive and enthusiastic girl. Everybody loves her for her qualities. She’s helpful and wants the family to be together at any cost.

She has also worked in Sarabhai vs Sarabhai, a popular Hindi sitcom which was aired on Star One channel.

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